From Farm to Bedside - Halton Healthcare’s Marianne Katusin Joins the Nourish Network

February 23, 2017

​Eating local is a growing trend for health-conscious consumers. Increasingly, it's finding its way into healthcare settings as well. Nourish is a national program designed to help healthcare organizations develop strong food supply networks, demonstrate healthy and sustainable eating and influence health policy around preventative care. The program relies on the expertise, experience and passion of its cohort of innovators. Halton Healthcare's food services manager, Marianne Katusin, is one such champion, having been named this year as one of 24 innovators drawn from across Canada.

For some time, Marianne and the rest of the Food Services team have been working to create a truly 'farm to bedside' approach to patient nutrition. They've crafted new menus that deliver value and taste to patients, all the while carefully stewarding the financial resources available to support food services. Many of the ingredients used at Halton Healthcare's three hospitals are locally grown, often no more than an hour's drive away. Potatoes from Innisfil and seasonal fruits and vegetables from Niagara form the basis of many of the meals served. It's this practical experience that Marianne will be sharing with her colleagues as they find new ways to enhance the patient experience and advocate for the integral role of food in the healing process.

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