mHealth: Seamlessly Improving Care

December 04, 2014

Patient care sometimes requires much more than paper instructions and the patient’s memory. Developers at Seamless Mobile Health Inc have created a mobile health app called SeamlessMD that helps physicians and clinicians connect with their patients throughout the recovery process, keeping track of their progress.


Cost: Free
Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry & Desktop
Developer: Seamless Mobile Health Inc.


Physicians can use the app to provide clear instructions and visuals to increase patient understanding and recollection. They can then use daily check-ins, reminders and surveys to monitor patient’s recovery and follow up with any warning signs.  

Surgery clinics and hospitals in Canada and the US are already using SeamlessMD with their patients. Dr. Carmine Simone, Chief of Surgery at Toronto East General Hospital says he loves the app, “It kind of acts like front-line customer relations to answer questions that the patient has. This has reduced a lot of avoidable calls. Patients feel far more connected with the information that is provided to them and are better able to self-monitor themselves." 

By using the app, health care organizations can prevent unnecessary readmissions, improve data collection and ultimately improve the quality of care. A pilot with Toronto East General Hospital showed that SeamlessMD significantly reduced surgery cancellations and unnecessary phone calls, and that 100% of patients were satisfied and would recommend to other patients.

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