Mackenzie Health Launches First in Canada Epic End-to-End EMR

August 03, 2017

​On July 8, Mackenzie Health launched a new electronic medical record (EMR) that transforms the way care is delivered in its community. Implemented in collaboration with Epic, the software is the first full-suite Epic EMR to be installed in Canada.

The EMR makes it possible for the care team to have access to the same information, meaning patients spend less time repeating questions or duplicating tests, provides physicians with exactly what they need to make important health care decisions quicker and empowers patients with access to their health records.

​With computers available by the patients' bedside, nurses and physicians can document care in real-time and send orders directly to the lab and pharmacy. The new EMR also increases safety with closed-loop medication administration and bar code validation.

"Our vision at Mackenzie Health is to create a world-class health experience for our patients and families, and ensure they receive the highest quality care possible," says Altaf Stationwala, President and CEO. "The implementation of the new EMR supports this vision and will influence how we care for our patients at Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital, at the new Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital and at the health system level."

For patients, the new EMR brings a number of benefits, including a more efficient registration process. For scheduled appointments at Mackenzie Health patients can swipe their health card on a Self-Serve Registration Kiosk, follow the instructions on screen, receive an armband and proceed to their appointment.

Patients can also register faster by completing E Check-In through MyChart. By signing up for MyChart, patients can register for their appointment up to seven days prior and receive a barcode to be scanned at the hospital to indicate arrival, get an armband  and continue to their appointment. In MyChart, patients can also view their personal health information and appointments.



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