Mackenzie Health Improves Hand and Mobile Device Hygiene with UV Technology

March 01, 2018

With mobile device usage on the rise in health care environments, Mackenzie Health identified a unique opportunity to sanitize mobile devices in an effort to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases.

In partnership with CleanSlateUV, a local healthcare innovator, Mackenzie Health with the support of Mackenzie Innovation Institute (MiĀ²), co-developed a unique mobile device sanitization solution for use in common areas of the hospital. Mi2's mandate is to support Mackenzie Health's applied innovation vision by acting as a catalyst for disruptive innovations in healthcare.  CleanSlateUV specializes in Ultraviolet (UV) technology to sanitize a wide range of mobile devices. The touch less UV technology can sanitize and disinfect device surfaces within 30 seconds. Given the novel nature of this sanitization technology, an awareness campaign on educating the public around the hazards of pathogenic bacteria on mobile devices was launched.

"We were pleased to see that many patients, staff and visitors are cleaning their cell phones and mobile devices on a regular basis, while they are waiting to order a coffee," says Heather Candon, Manager, Infection Prevention and Control, Mackenzie Health. "This is a good habit to practice all year-round, but even more so during flu seasons."                                                                                  

"Hundreds of non-critical devices are now being cleaned by our team and visitors multiple times a day using CleanSlateUV," adds Richard Tam, Executive Vice-President and Chief Administrative Officer, Mackenzie Health. "We are educating visitors and our team on the importance of properly cleaning devices to reduce the number of pathogens being innocently carried around our facility each day."

User feedback from the pilot program has helped further refine the design of the technology. The hospital has benefited from a implementing an innovative solution that supports its strategic priorities around delivering excellent quality.

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