GRH Innovation Ensures Patients Leave Hospital with Discharge Medication in Hand

January 10, 2019

​Grand River Hospital (GRH) patients returning to the community are benefiting from an innovation that supports better care, saves time and improves coordination between health providers.

GRH’s retail pharmacy has launched a “Meds to Beds” program. When a patient needs a prescription filled upon their return home and consents to taking part, pharmacists from the retail pharmacy deliver the medication right to the patient’s bedside.

“This is convenient for the patient and family because they don’t have an extra stop on their way home,” said Lashen Naidoo, manager of GRH’s retail pharmacy. “It’s also fabulous for quality and continuity of care.”

When patients opt into Meds to Beds:

  • The inpatient pharmacist prepares a discharge medication reconciliation form in the unit, which goes to the retail pharmacy with a discharge time;
  • The retail pharmacy prepares the medication(s). A pharmacist delivers the medication and provides in-person counselling in the patient’s hospital room, a discharge lounge or the retail pharmacy; and
  • A fax goes to the patient’s regular pharmacy about the discharge prescriptions for continuity of care. Patients are encouraged to see their physician within seven days of discharge. 

GRH is uniquely placed to support Meds to Beds because the hospital owns and operates its retail pharmacy. This allows secure information sharing (with patient consent) between inpatient and retail pharmacists.

“Meds to Beds provides a better way to make sure that a patient’s recovery continues uninterrupted after they leave GRH, minimizing the possibility of having to return to the hospital due to unexpected complications,” said Nael Abumustafa, director of GRH’s medicine and stroke programs which were early adopters of Meds to Beds.

Meds to Beds launched as a pilot, expanding to involve patients across both hospital campuses. Approximately 2,000 patients a year are expected to benefit from the full implementation of the service.

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