Montfort's New Identity

May 04, 2017

Montfort has launched a new logo on its website, social media networks, and gradually, throughout the hospital.

The new logo represents the hospital's new status as an academic hospital and its presence on the list of Canada's Top 40 Research Hospitals.

The new Montfort logo pays tribute to the past -- it still carries the M of Montfort, remains "person-centered" and recognizes the three pillars of an academic hospital (exemplary care, practical teaching and research).

The combination of the " Montfort blue" and turquoise illustrates the collaboration:

  • between patient and caregivers,
  • between student and supervisor,
  • between researcher and participant in a research project, etc.

By creating a new colour at the centre of this collaboration, the new logo demonstrates the values of mutual support and accountability, or how "together, we are stronger!"

Montfort Recognized as a Top Employer

Montfort has also been named among the National Capital region’s "Top 30 Employers ".

Employers are compared to other organizations in their field to determine which offer the most progressive and forward-thinking programs. In Montfort’s case, the selection committee was impressed by the fact that the hospital offers students and new graduates summer jobs, co-op and paid internship opportunities. For an academic hospital that is training the next generation of francophone health professionals, this is the best recognition possible!

The selection committee also mentioned how employees are supported in their professional growth, continuing education, awards handed during the annual “Gala du mérite”, the “Angels of Montfort” program, and the pension plan, among other initiatives.

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