Build Connections through the Corporate Secretaries Peer Learning Network

April 05, 2018

Recognizing the critical role corporate secretaries play in the health care sector, the Ontario Hospital Association has created a new Corporate Secretaries Peer Learning Network. This network was developed to give board liaisons, executive assistants and anyone who supports the board and/or board committees access to the OHA's exclusive health care network, allowing members to build a strong and diverse support system with a focused agenda.

The corporate secretary today wears many hats. From strategic advisor and legal resource, to project manager and champion of their organization's mission and values, they play one of the most vital and challenging roles in health care governance. This robust network will provide the tools needed to be a more effective resource for the board leadership and management team, and to support the application of leading industry governance practices.

​What's included in the Peer Learning Network membership?

1.    Collaboration and networking opportunities

  • Free attendance to the flagship annual Conference for Corporate Secretaries where members will engage with thought leaders on system challenges and learn how governance practices can be shaped to support boards throughout the process
  • An invitation to participate in the LinkedIn Corporate Secretaries' Group for online discussion and sharing of ideas

2.    Skill development

  • Exclusive participation in hands-on, application-based annual workshop where members will have the opportunity to communicate, problem solve and co-create with peers

3.    Access to exclusive resources

  • A searchable online library of peer-shared resources, information and best practices
  • Insight into governance issues and trends via articles, resources and webcasts accessible online

Learn more and join the Corporate Secretaries Peer Learning Network today!


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