What will your HealthAchieve be?

September 07, 2017

​Take a look at some of the shared experiences of past HealthAchieve attendees - find out what they love about HealthAchieve, what their experience was like and what they have to say about the event. Join HealthAchieve this November and create your own HealthAchieve experience.


It created positive change and touched lives – and that's what HealthAchieve is all about.

"I decided to attend HealthAchieve 2016 because I was so struck by the keynote address given by Captain Richard Philips at HealthAchieve the year before. His presentation was fascinating, and I found he was good at inserting practical information that was useful for people in all capacities and roles.

At HealthAchieve 2016, I particularly appreciated the mental health focus, especially Howie Mandel's honest and thought-provoking presentation. He stepped out of the box and made his talk something that was informal and relatable. In fact, after the conference I had colleagues approach me and share stories of their own struggles with mental health issues because they were so inspired by Mandel's openness and the way he used humour to tell his story.

HealthAchieve has a flair for presenting "real life" and making information accessible so we can more easily connect to each other."

Simone Tronciu
CEO at The Detox Doctor,™ and a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Cell & Tissue Regenerative Detoxification Specialist.


HealthAchieve was a thought-provoking and meaningful experience.  It gave me a lot to reflect on and pass along to colleagues – the exact outcome you'd hope for when attending a conference like this.

"I attended HealthAchieve for the first time in 2016, and registered again for 2017 because my first visit was so inspiring. HealthAchieve presents incredible opportunities to network and meet with other health care professionals, and it's also a great forum to learn about innovations in the non-medical field.

There was so much valuable information that I was able to take back and share with my team, like keynote speaker Amy Cuddy's discussion about the impact of your posture, the non-verbal communication associated with body language, and the steps you can take to self-empower in stressful situations. I also shared several great samples that were given out on the show floor, allowing my team to get a firsthand look at some of the innovative new products available for patient care.

HealthAchieve introduced me to myriad innovative approaches in the field of health care that I can directly apply to my work."

Tammy Lilien
Special Projects Coordinator, Palliative Care Consult Team ,Sunnybrook Health Science Centre


HealthAchieve attendees cover the whole spectrum of health care staff, from the C-suite right on down. Being able to reach out and share our vision of the greening of health care with so many people across the demographic is great for us.

"The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care has collaborated with HealthAchieve for over 15 years to bring an environmental stewardship component to the conference. Our relationship has led to fantastic educational sessions, high-caliber celebrity speakers, and the creation of special attraction areas on the show floor. 

Having access to such a broad audience has allowed us to share our vision of the greening of health care and the breadth of our resources with people who can effect change. It's also given us the opportunity to introduce the idea of greening to people who were on the fringe and didn't realize how they could have an impact, and what an important role every one of us can play in making the Canadian health care sector more environmentally friendly and climate change resilient.

We've recommended HealthAchieve to friends and colleagues for over 15 years and we'll continue to do so because it's really something you have to experience to understand how much it can impact your work and broaden your perspective."

Kent Waddington
Founding Director/Communications Director, Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care, and Environmental Leadership Coach, ARAMARK National Green Team


For me, HealthAcheive is an annual opportunity to join in a larger network on a national level to learn, meet leaders, takeaway key lessons, and leave feeling inspired.

"I had heard about HealthAchieve, and in 2016 the dates happened to coincide with a day off from my MBA program so I eagerly jumped at the chance to attend for the first time. I was impressed by the wide array of topics covered, from policy to clinical practices to technological innovations, and how the topics were ones from which health professionals at all levels could benefit and learn.

The amount of expertise in one room was simply incredible, and the diversity of work and innovation was astounding. As Co-Chair of Emerging Health Leaders Toronto, a network of developing leaders, it was inspiring to see the sheer number of leaders there who were willing to share their knowledge, not only as session leaders and keynote speakers, but also in conversation with attendees after their sessions. The health care environment is fast paced and ever changing, so being open and willing to adapt to new ideas like the ones shared at HealthAcheive is so important.

HealthAchieve is now my go-to conference, and I've told colleagues and friends how great it is in terms of personal growth and learning opportunities, and how much it can challenge your perspectives."

Michelle Moonesar
MBA Candidate and Co-Chair at Emerging Health Leaders


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